Melodies of Society by Arav Rajesh – Book Review

Melodies of Society by Arav Rajesh book review Active Reader Poetry

Indian Poetry, in general, and across languages, has always sided with the sentiments, concerns, thoughts, traditions, problems and solutions that resemble people’s aspirations. The poems in the pre-independence era echoed the need to be independent. The poems of the post-independence era reverberated about the causes of good governance and other issues that concern the general population. In English, poets like Sarojini Naidu and Sri Aurobindo wrote about the concerns of the country before we got our independence. Once we

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Dewdrop and Banyan Tree by Ramachandran Rajasekharan: Book Review

Dewdrop and Banyan Tree by Ramachandran Rajasekharan book review Active Reader

Poems are not just a combination of words and emotions. There is more to it. Poems by any experienced poet reflect culture, civilization, language, religion, and the values of any society. When I talk about society, the poet I have read recently, Ramchandran Rajasekharan, has spent more than 60 years understanding the culture, nature, surroundings, life in life and gaining knowledge about it. In the sixties’ of his life, he decided to write poetry; too late but certainly not

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Can poetry survive the test of time? A serious concern

Poetry opinion Active Reader Analysis

This is more than an opinion piece because I am really worried. An opinion piece, in general practice, is written when you need to defend or attack a party (maybe an idea, a person, an institution or anything else). Concern for poetry, however, is not an opinion. As a literature lover and as someone who reads a lot, have read a lot and wants to read more and more in the coming future, I am worried because I see a

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Moon Child – Rushali Mukherjee – Book Review

Moon Child Rushali Mukherjee book review

Poets are very different from others when we get into the ramifications. Otherwise, they are very similar to common people around us. What makes them different from others is their response to the emotional and rational triggers – how do they react to things they see, feel, hear and experience makes them different from others who simply react. A poet reacts with words and this is what the author of Moon Child, a poetry collection, has done. Rushali Mukherjee is

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The Morning – poem by Phidalia Toi – Review

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We have already reviewed books in the series Marathon Race to Acche Din written by Phidalia Toi. Today, I will be throwing some light on the poem by Phidalia Toi which was appended in her second book in the series, The Morning. As you must have seen in the reviews earlier, Phidalia tries to sum her ideas up in one poem – to wind things up. Let’s have a look at her poem below.

The Morning

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Making a Poem by Vihang Naik – Review

Making a Poem review Vihang Naik

I have been a reader of poetry for long enough and recently, I have read a few poetry collections in Hindi as well as English. However, I will share the review first for one English poetry collection that I have read and it has been penned by one of the leading English poets in India at present, Vihang Naik. His collection, republished by AuthorsPress, Making a Poem is a beautiful collection of poems on poetry, the poet himself

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