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10 Romance Novels You Must Read – a list of bestselling books published in 2023

Who doesn’t want some romance in life? I hope you too. 🙂

Who doesn’t like reading a romance novel? There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a steamy tale of love and passion, whether you’re curled up on the couch or hiding under the covers with a flashlight. Romance novels provide the perfect escape from reality, allowing us to live vicariously through the characters and their heart-pounding escapades. From the classic tales of forbidden love to the modern-day rom-com, there’s something for everyone in the world of romance novels. Who can resist the allure of a tall, dark, and handsome stranger, or the charm of a witty and endearing love interest? These stories have a way of making our hearts race and our imaginations soar, all while providing a much-needed break from the stresses of everyday life. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of the genre or a curious newcomer, there’s no shame in indulging in a little romantic reading. After all, who doesn’t love a good love story?

And that’s why I have tried to bring some of the best romance titles published in the year 2023 for lovers of romantic fiction. All these titles were on the 2023 bestsellers list in the romance genre. You can try reading any of these publications and see how does it interest you. All the best!


1. The Duke Gets Desperate by Diana Quincy: In “The Duke Gets Desperate,” Diana Quincy weaves a captivating tale of romance and intrigue set in the English countryside. The story follows an Arab-American woman who inherits a run-down castle and the charismatic young duke who claims the castle is rightfully his. As they navigate their conflicting interests, they must also confront the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the woman’s cousin. The novel explores themes of love, identity, and the complexities of family relationships, all while delivering a steamy and unforgettable romance. The tension between the two main characters is palpable, as mutual disdain gives way to desire, and they must confront their feelings for one another. The novel is a must-read for fans of historical romance, offering a fresh and engaging take on the genre.

2. Do Your Worst by Rosie Danan: Do Your Worst by Rosie Danan is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers romance set in a Scottish castle. The story follows Riley, an occult expert, and Clark, a disgraced archaeologist, as they navigate their professional rivalry and growing attraction. As they work together to break a curse on the castle, sparks fly and their relationship evolves into an irresistible enemies-with-benefits arrangement. With its witty humour, adventurous storyline, and sizzling tension, Do Your Worst is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance. The novel has garnered praise from critics and authors alike, with The New York Times describing it as “warmly funny and gorgeously sexy.” The book’s unique blend of paranormal elements, steamy romance, and fast-paced adventure make it a standout in the genre.

3. You, Again by Kate Goldbeck: In “You, Again,” Kate Goldbeck delivers a captivating and hilarious tale of two individuals who can’t seem to escape each other. Ari and Josh, polar opposites in every way, find themselves constantly crossing paths in New York City. As their encounters become increasingly frequent, they form an unlikely friendship that soon turns into something more. The novel explores themes of self-discovery, love, and the power of human connection, all while keeping readers laughing with its witty dialogue and relatable characters. With a perfect blend of romance and comedy, “You, Again” is a delightful read that will leave you rooting for Ari and Josh’s happily ever after.

4. The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren: The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren is a captivating and heartwarming romance novel that follows the story of Fizzy Chen, a romance novelist who has lost her creative spark, and Connor Prince, a documentary filmmaker who is tasked with producing a reality TV show starring Fizzy. As they work together, they find themselves drawn to each other and must navigate their growing feelings while dealing with the challenges of the show. The novel explores themes of self-discovery, love, and the power of human connection, all while keeping readers laughing with its witty dialogue and relatable characters. With a perfect blend of romance and comedy, The True Love Experiment is a delightful read that will leave you rooting for Fizzy and Connor’s happily ever after.

5. The Love Wager by Lynn Painter: In The Love Wager, Lynn Painter weaves a delightful and heartwarming tale of two individuals, Hallie and Jack, who find themselves in a wager to see who can find true love first. As they navigate the ups and downs of modern dating, they realise that the perfect person might just be right in front of them. With its engaging characters and witty dialogue, The Love Wager is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance. The novel explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, and the power of human connection, all while keeping readers laughing with its hilarious situations and relatable moments.


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6. A Tale of Two Princes by Eric Geron: In Eric Geron’s “A Tale of Two Princes,” the lives of long-lost twin brothers, Edward Dinnissen, Crown Prince of Canada, and small-town cowboy Billy Boone, intertwine in a serendipitous meeting in New York City. Despite the stark contrast between Edward’s royal upbringing and Billy’s ranch life, their shared bond as twins propels them into a tumultuous journey. As they navigate the challenges of high school, coming out, and royal obligations, the narrative unfolds with poignant reflections on identity, love, and the profound impact of embracing authenticity. Will their royal reunion become a harmonious celebration or a potential disaster? Geron’s tale promises a riveting exploration of self-discovery amidst the regal complexities of their intertwined destinies.

7. We Could Be So Good by Cat Sebastian: Cat Sebastian’s “We Could Be So Good” unfolds as a captivating blend of Casey McQuiston’s charm and the magnetic allure of “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.” Set in the unforgiving landscape of the late 1950s, Nick Russo, a resilient reporter from Brooklyn, grapples with the clandestine nature of his identity in a world hostile to gay men. Enter Andy Fleming, the newspaper mogul’s son, a charmingly dishevelled soul whose reluctant foray into the newsroom unravels a delicate dance of unexpected rescue and undeniable connection. As their unlikely friendship blossoms into something deeper, Nick and Andy navigate the complexities of a love deemed impossible, forcing them to confront the question: Are they willing to fight for a love that defies the era’s harsh realities?

8. Codename Charming by Lucy Parker: In Lucy Parker’s enchanting romance, “Codename Charming,” the stage is set for a delightful comedy of love between Petunia De Vere and Matthias Vaughn. As the bubbly and spontaneous personal assistant to the lovable Johnny Marchmont, Pet finds herself entangled in the challenges posed by Matthias, the imposing royal bodyguard. Despite their polar opposite personalities, Pet senses a softer side beneath Matthias’s stoic exterior. Matthias, driven by a protective instinct, clashes with Pet’s exuberance, determined to keep everyone safe in the wake of calamities that follow Johnny. When a tabloid photo sparks rumours of a romance, the royal PR team proposes a fake relationship, pushing Pet and Matthias into a reluctant alliance. As the lines blur between fiction and reality, a passionate kiss unravels emotions that challenge the very foundations of their pretend connection, leaving both Pet and Matthias questioning the authenticity of their burgeoning feelings.

9. Next-Door Nemesis by Alexa Martin: In Alexa Martin’s sizzling romantic comedy, “Next-Door Nemesis,” Collins Carter and Nathaniel Adams, vying for the homeowner’s association presidency, are about to discover the fiery battleground of suburban life. Returning to her parents’ house, Collins finds herself entangled in the chaos of her former suburban nightmare, complete with encounters with her high school nemesis. Nathaniel, aspiring for a tranquil suburban life, sees his organized world unravel when Collins reappears and disrupts his peace. The homeowner’s association complaint becomes the catalyst for a heated rivalry, escalating from secret board meetings to scandalous smear campaigns. As animosity transforms into desire, Collins and Nate are forced to confront long-ignored feelings. Amidst the chaos of suburban warfare, their enmity evolves into a steamy, unexpected romance, defying the quiet norms of their sleepy town and challenging the very bylaws of real life.

10. The Dating Playbook by Farrah Rochon: In Farrah Rochon’s delightful romantic comedy, “The Dating Playbook,” personal trainer Taylor Powell finds herself facing financial turmoil. Despite her prowess in kicking serious butt when it comes to personal training, bills are piling up, rent is due, and a financial miracle becomes imperative. Enter Jamar Dixon, the charming former footballer determined to reenter the NFL. Seeking Taylor’s expertise, he proposes a unique arrangement: she trains him, but their collaboration must remain a secret. However, when their fake relationship is accidentally exposed, Taylor’s carefully crafted game plan takes an unexpected turn. As they navigate the consequences of their public facade, the question arises: Is Jamar playing to win in the NFL, or is he playing for keeps in matters of the heart? Rochon weaves a captivating tale where rules are tossed aside, and love becomes the unpredictable wildcard in this engaging romantic escapade.


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And, at least, let me have the opportunity to say the final words. As we bid adieu to the literary love affairs that graced the pages of 2023, it’s time to celebrate the undeniable triumphs of heart-fluttering passion, charming characters, and plots steamier than a romance novel set in a sauna. These 10 novels (on the list above) aren’t just books; they’re love potions that have us daydreaming about fictional characters and questioning our standards for real-life partners. Whether you’ve been swept away by royal rendezvous, fake relationships turned real, or the unexpected allure of suburban warfare, these novels have proven that love knows no bounds, not even the constraints of a well-organised homeowners association. So, here’s to the authors who made us swoon, giggle, and occasionally blush in public. May your next romantic read be as thrilling as a first kiss and as satisfying as a well-executed plot twist. Happy reading, fellow bookworms, and may your year be filled with more romance than a Shakespearean sonnet!


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