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A Dumb’s Story: A silent rattle that rips the rug of raunchy! by Sudipta Roy – Book Review

Do you remember the days of your school when our teachers used to keep repeating the word ‘keep quiet’? I guess it was the teachers’ most favourite word or phrase. However, it used to sound funny to me at that time and I did never care to think otherwise. Children are like that only! And I am sure, like me, it was the funniest phrase for you too then. Could anyone remain quiet? I used to think and laugh. I could not imagine myself staying quiet even for few minutes then. Neither can I do that now. It’s impossible! Although, there are many people in the world who either, unfortunately, have lost their ability to speak or are dumb by birth. Sudipta Roy, the author, has dared to envision the world through the eyes of a dumb guy. He has put his feet in the shoes of Nairit, the chief character of the story, and wrote this unique story to inspire, entertain and teach some important lessons of life. I am talking about a title that I recently finished reading – A Dumb’s Story by Sudipta Roy. Out of many Indian authors who are writing, this novelist has offered something interesting, serious and also discussion-worthy… 


So coming to the storyline, it circles around the life of Nairit. Since childhood, he was outspoken, confident, intelligent and humble in nature. Everyone admired him for his nature. Despite being poor, his parents fulfiled all his desires and did their best to provide him with a good education. He became a successful engineer. However, after achieving success, he did indulge in alcohol and cigarette smoking, lazy and typical corporate lifestyle. However, these habits costed him dearly. He lost his tongue – lost a battle to cancer and had to get his tongue removed. With his tongue, he lost his will to live too, desire to carry on and motivation to do anything for that matter. Then some magic happened. His life took a U-turn. He gained his lost hope and confidence back. And eventually, he started his journey towards achieving his new goal. What was Nairit’s new goal? Well, the blurb or the introduction or the reviews of the book will tell you that the protagonist entered into politics. How? To what extent? Will he succeed? Would he be able to achieve it? What all struggles would he face on his journey? 


Apart from the wonderful storyline, the characters of this book are equally inspiring. Though the story is primarily of Nairit, it has two more powerful characters, Neer and Bayu, who play important roles. What I like the most about characters are their names. Each of the characters is thoughtfully named (Neer means water. It flows; Nairit means south-west corner that brings the monsoon, that suffice the thirst; Bayu means Wind) and are developed and grown as the characteristics of their name. Grand thinking by the author, out of the box too as well as philosophical… I liked the idea. 

Theme, Narration and Language

I really appreciate the author for coming up with this wonderful theme. It gives us insight into the life of dumb people. It also beautifully explains that despair, pains and suffering cannot stop you achieve your goals. It is your attitude and perception towards life that matters the most. Instead of adorning the story with flowery language and great vocabulary, the author has kept it free-flowing. And the mixed first and third-person narrative makes it more interesting. Sudipta Roy has taken care of his audience and he has made sure that anyone who reads the book will find it simple, quickly developing and soothing as well. The episodes where the entire conversation runs in messages being exchanged might confuse or irritate those readers who understand fiction well because those episodes are too detailed… might be prolonged unnecessarily! 

Conclusion and Verdict: 

Well, you will like the book… that is, in short, the verdict! Why? Because you might be looking for something different on your study, work or reading desk and this novel is offering you that… protagonist, characters, story, theme and a purpose… enjoy it! 

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A Dumb's Story: A silent rattle that rips the rug of raunchy! by Sudipta Roy – Book Review
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A Dumb’s Story: A silent rattle that rips the rug of raunchy! by Sudipta Roy is a novel that will attract readers from different genres and interest areas…

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