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The ON Side of Office by Himanshu Saxena – Review

A change sometimes is essential. I changed my reading course for once, recently, and got my hands on something that’s different – a book written by Himanshu Saxena – The ON Side of Office. The cover gives an impression of the book being a novel but it isn’t. This is a first-hand experience of being in professional life for about 16 years and now the author wants to share his professional experience with many others who are in the practice of going to office every day and coming back home. Himanshu writes that it was essential to share his experience on the job with others so that they can take advantage of what he has to offer to make the office environment lighter and further productive.

The book is a supporting handbook, a guidebook to your professional life or a companion that will help you be comfortable in your ‘new’ office and your professional space, eventually. Because the author has summed up his entire professional life of more than a decade and a half, it’s inevitable that he has accumulated an abundance of experience and knowledge about the functioning of the corporate framework, Himanshu begins The ON Side of Office with the first day at first job – joining process, introduction, getting a space and personal set-up and then cooling off. He describes each and every possible aspect of office life – being with colleagues, taking short breaks, enjoying the meal time, exchanging emails and so on… also, the problems have been described and their possible solutions have been offered in the book.

Himanshu has done this book something that is intended to advise, suggest and help the newcomers in this corporate life for better and healthy office hours that won’t let them feel pressure or boredom of any kind. Sections like food for thoughts and conclusion at the end of each of the chapters are very meaningful and refreshing. More than that, The ON Side of Office doesn’t let the readers feel overpressed; it’s written in an interesting manner. Though it describes ideas, advice, and possibilities, still the narrative has been as such that it doesn’t make a reader feel like reading a book that’s nonfictional in nature.

I am impressed with the choice of theme and also with the choice of approach to the theme by Himanshu Saxena. This book will certainly benefit all those who are going to join their first job. The period after getting a job and what a person might do to make that better is wonderfully described in this book and it should be read as well as spread. You can get a copy of this book by following the Amazon link below:

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The ON Side of Office
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This is an amazing book, to begin with… it will show the ways that can make it possible to create a healthy and productive office environment and enjoy the professional career until it comes to an end…

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