Her Passover Story of Menopause Love and anger Dr jasmin

Her Passover: A book on menopause and many things associated with it by Dr Jasmin Johnson

Women writers in India have always stood up to the occasion many times and produced something that was either in long demand or had not been explored earlier. Menopause has been one of such subjects and this is something that only a woman can understand the best, and a doctor can substantiate the emotional aspects with scientific backings. And both these perspectives, successfully, have been covered by Dr Jasmin Johnson in her wonderfully written book, Her Passover: Story of Menopause, Anger & Love.

Though the book is for women who are nearing this phase of life or anyone who will, eventually, reach the stage of menopause, Dr Jasmin has suggested that anyone who is concerned about the health of women in their lives, in the form of a sister, friend, relatives or life partner, must read this book and make as many people as possible aware about issues related to menopause. Periods and menopause are two things that women don’t want to talk about in the open or discuss these things only with women in private. With this book, Dr Jasmin has tried to communicate her perspectives, medical opinions, emotional aspects and other relevant ideas to her readers so that the ‘passover or the passage through this difficult phase of a woman’s life can be smooth and as comfortable as possible.

It has also been an interesting thing to notice that the author has introduced a character who communicates with different women in the book and tries to comfort them with her advice, suggestions and talk-through sessions. Prachi has been presented as a symbol of women in general and her victory over difficult situations in life also concludes that women can come victorious if they have the support of people around them. The author puts it this way:

“Through the stellar stories of a few women who embraced change gracefully with knowledge and understanding, you will see the value of traditional practices and rituals. The real-life incidents that are examples of mental health issues associated with menopause will help you understand its adverse mood implications and how to deal with them.”

And the book does offer the same… and the author also hints in her introduction that the book is not about Prachi as a single character, but there is a Prachi in everybody. It is not only the love story of Prachi but a story about empowering women so that they can overcome any situation and complicated predicament that they have to go through in life, including the phase of menopause. The factual aspects can be trusted as the book is written by a doctor herself. The emotional and fictional aspects of the book have also been dealt with in a very sophisticated manner giving the readers a memorable experience along with much to learn about menopause and its implications on the lives of women.

Her Passover: Story of Menopause, Anger and Love will be a memorable experience for the women readers, a learning experience for young girls and valuable addition to the meaningful literature by Indian women authors!

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