Lal Bhatia Indicting Goliath review

Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Book Review

Book – Indicting Goliath
Author – Lal Bhatia
Publisher – Notion Press
First Published – 2018
Pages – 286
Ideal for – those who want to read the real-life and ongoing sagas of true heroes – in this case, Lal Bhatia for he exposed the corruption and collusion single-handedly

Before you read this book, let me warn you that if you are too casual a reader that you don’t care for reading details and build up in any writing, you might have a little trouble reading this book as a whole and you might need to read in a ‘skipping some parts’ mode. But if you can have a little patience and you can read this book, Indicting Goliath, thoroughly, you will realise how wonderfully has the author Lal Bhatia painted the happenings in his life during the difficult years in the USA when he was falsely dragged into a prosecution which was entirely based on lies and propaganda just because he tried to unearth a billion dollar money laundering scam that probably involved many high-rank politicians and FBI and even the department of justice, USA!

In this book, Lal Bhatia writes about how a bank was founded, BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, just to launder the money and extend the advantage to some of the influential officials in the top departments so that the bank goes off the investigative eyes. He gives the readers a background reality so that they know how this Bank of Crooks and Criminals International (an adjective coined by the author himself) was successfully run in the shadows of FBI’s and other ‘watchful’ institutions grace.

Indicting Goliath tells us the story of an Indian citizen who was constantly denied justice by the country which claims to be the oldest democracy in the world – USA. We could have easily accepted if the scenario was to be of any other nation like Pakistan and Arab but with the USA, eyebrows do dance. Here’s what Lal has to say in his book in a nutshell:

“Whenever I tried to get my claim of actual-innocence and the prosecution’s unopposed fabrications to protect Wig’s crimes reviewed, I was successfully muzzled. The courts were, on numerous occasions, altered; I desperately implored the courts to review the unopposed evidence of my actual-innocence and the prosecution’s fabrications. My requests were persistently ignored or my requests were dismissed on procedural niceties. When I appealed those denials to the Fifth and Ninth Circuits Courts’ of Appeals, I was also rebuffed. When I applied to the Supreme Court of the United States for discretionary review, I was rebuffed.”

Lal Bhatia, on even days, a bright student, a hard-working employee and a motivating senior co-worker praised and appreciated by his colleagues, professors and even the US Government, was trapped in the very money-laundering scam that he wanted to expose. Mr Bhatia claims in Indicting Goliath that the judge and the prosecutor and even the FBI agents who pursued his case were later given positions, possession and other favours by the crooked Wig who got Lal trapped in all this.

The only question that readers will ask after reading this engaging and alarming book is that whether the US Department of Justice can ensure justice or not? When they later claimed that what Lal was saying was true and there was a money-laundering scam which the author highlighted, why was he, instead of the real culprits, tortured and persecuted wrongfully? Why is Lal Bhatia forced to live separately than living with his family – children and wife? What is the backstage setting in this play of corruption?

Serious readers and all the NRIs MUST read Indicting Goliath to understand how can an innocent citizen be trapped and falsely victimised by the crooks within the system in the USA. As an Indian, I will say that we must not let the Goliaths go unquestioned. If we cannot do anything more, we can surely ask questions of the US Government – cannot you ensure justice to one of our fellow Indians?

Do read this book by Lal Bhatia in which he exposes the corruption in the Department of Justice, the FBI and even the US politics. Buy the book from Amazon link below and make sure you send a waive to the USA!

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Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia
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A must-read book for the lovers of autobiography and memoirs, especially of the difficult days! Lal Bhatia has exposed the injustice in the very Justice Department of the USA! Do read how an Indian battles for justice and against the collusion of the corrupts single-handedly in a foreign land…

On Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Book Review

  • There is a line written in your review if you want to read the story of real-life heroes then this book is for you. I fully agree with your argument. After reading your review I am assured that Lal Bhatia has done good work and that he has not decided to step back. There were so many looters but an innocent one fell into the trap of corrupt officials.
    I will surely read this book. I am pretty much impressed by his story.

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