The Obvious Truth that is Hidden by Chethana – Book Review

The Obvious Truth by Chethana Book Review

The title of the book tells many stories. Before you get yourself in a mess of thoughts and start speculating, let me break it out that the book is a non-fiction genre attempt at uncluttering the web of thoughts and complex ideas we often encounter as soon as we try to enter into a spiritually active phase. Is it a self-help book? You can say that. Is it a religious book? You can say that too. Is it a book

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How Leaders Decide: Tackling Biases and Risks in Decision-making by Harjeet Khanduja – Book Review

How Leaders Decide by Harjeet Khanduja boo k review by Active Reader blog book

You must have read many books that discuss decision-making, the advantages of being decisive in life, the styles of decision-making, how good decisions can shape your life in a good way and vice-versa, and so many things about decision making. However, one thing that’s common in most of the books in this category is that the author is way too disconnected from the audience or the barrier to effective communication because the author is from a different background and tries

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On The Way by Vanisha Uppal, Book Review

On The Way Vanisha Uppal Book Review Active Reader

Vanisha Uppal’s debut non-fiction book in the spiritual genre, On The Way, is a one of its kind book without much conjecture. The author has written about herself and her thoughts but she has been able to connect with her readers as if things are universal. And it is so once you start reading the book. The issues that the book discusses are not very far from the issues we face in our daily lives. Thoughts, questions, doubts, queries, curiosity,

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Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram – Book Review

Just Invest and become insanely wealthy book review Jayaram Rajaram active reader

I just took the book in my hands and began with random observations on random pages. Somehow, I reached page number 102, the one with an interview with Pavitra Shankar, Brigade Enterprises. The interview was solid with important observations on the real estate in the country and how one can ensure better gains with a little caution. I got to know about REITs and how one can assure safety even when the market goes down. This interview aroused my curiosity

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Nehru’s 97 Major Blunders by Rajnikant Puranik – Book Review

Nehru's 97 major blunders book review

History has always served as a source of inspiration, a mirror for mistakes we should not make and a foundation on which we stand in the present, shaping our future. India’s history is long, long enough to contain many things that we like or dislike depending upon our political and ideological biases or merely rationale. For example, there are historians who are hell-bent on proving that Aryan immigration theory still holds ground even after it has been debunked and proven

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Sriramcharitmanas aur Prabandhan Neeti – Rajeev ‘Acharya’ & Surabhi – book review

Sriramcharitmanas aur Prabandhan Neeti book review

This year has been productive enough for me in terms of reading modern novels, non-fiction books by contemporary writers and many other genres that I would have wanted to read all the time. It is always a good thing that you get to read various authors and various kinds of books. Though religious literature in the modern days have almost been knighted as obscure and ‘too much’ of fiction by many critics who have only one eye when it comes

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Sexual Intelligence: what we really want from sex and how to get it by Marty Klein – Book Review

Sexual Intelligence by Matty Klein book review

“Sexual Intelligence is the set of internal resources that allows you to relax, be present, communicate, respond to stimulation, and create physical and emotional connection with a partner. When you can do that, you’ll have enjoyable sexual experiences, regardless of what your body does. Compared to that kind of emotional and physical nourishment, the biggest, hardest erection or the wettest, tightest vagina are trivial.”

If this makes sense to you, you will surely love reading this book, Sexual Intelligence, by

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The One Invisible Code by Sharat Sharma – Book Review

The One Invisible Code by Sharat Sharma book review active reader

Right to the book I am about to review, Sharat Sharma’s bestselling title, The One Invisible Code is a book that is not only motivational in terms of the genre as we all know very well. The book comes loaded with many things that are not very popular or usually found in the books of this nature. The One Invisible Code is a testimony of the perfection of harmony between thoughts and emotions, passion and realisation, the author and the

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India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao: Book Review

India Positive Citizen book review rao Savitha

I have written many reviews, but the book I am reviewing today has literally won my heart. A recently launched book India Positive Citizen: Building a Great Nation, one India positive action at a time, written by Savitha Rao, has many things which make it different from other contemporary novels, or even non-fiction books to be fair to the competitors. So, what is so special about this book? Any guesses? First, it is about our nation, its citizens, their responsibilities,

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I-SPY: A Peep into the World of Spies by Amit Bagaria

I-SPY A peep into the world of spies book review

I-Spy: A Peep into the World of Spies is a classy non-fiction book by famous author Amit Bagaria who has written 10 books in quick succession and became popular among a certain section of readers of non-fiction books. In this book, the author has analysed the intelligence prowess of the countries that lead the world-order in terms of intelligence gathering and safeguarding one’s nation against internal and external threats by eliminating and marking the enemies. He has

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