Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Book Review

Lal Bhatia Indicting Goliath review

Book – Indicting Goliath
Author – Lal Bhatia
Publisher – Notion Press
First Published – 2018
Pages – 286
Ideal for – those who want to read the real-life and ongoing sagas of true heroes – in this case, Lal Bhatia for he exposed the corruption and collusion single-handedly

Before you read this book, let me warn you that if you are too casual a reader that you don’t care for

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Kohinoor in you: adventure of a modern writer – review

Kohinoor in You adventure of a modern writer review

Book: Kohinoor in you: adventure of a modern writer
Author: Mukesh Kumar Shahi
Publisher: Evincepub, 2018
Review by: Active Reader, Ravi
Starter: You will find it engaging, inclusive and something which is fresh…


Kohinoor in You is a motivational book by author Mukesh Kumar Shahi. This book has been written in a totally different style and so, it does not resemble any other motivational books written before. Yes, if a far resemblance I

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