Geography Through Maps review

Geography Through Maps by K. Siddhartha – a must have for IAS GS – review

Book – Geography Through Maps
Author – K. Siddhartha
Publisher – Kitab Mahal
First Published – 2001
Ideal for – UPSC, State PCs, other competitive examinations

Students who are preparing for various competitive examinations must come across the papers which demands a wide knowledge of various aspects of India – sociological, historical, political and also geographical. All other aspects can be dealt with by following and studying good books available in the market. For an understanding of geographic aspects of India, today, I am going to write about a book which offers data, facts, interesting information and a wide range of India is covered geographically. I am talking about the book Geography Through Maps and most of the competitive examination aspirants must know about the author K. Siddhartha.

The book has been divided into 12 major sections and each of the sections deals with unique concepts, ideas and theme. Major continents are dealt with their maps, major geographical qualities, features and other aspects. After stating all the major aspects of different continents, the author(s) has focused extensively on India and that’s remarkable attempt from their side! They have just laid India’s geographical condition, important financial land resources, important forestations, and much other information… you can also find things like top ten cities in the world, the population of different countries, areawise distribution of major countries in different continents and all the information comes through maps – which makes the learning even better.

Technically, the language used in the book is lucid and simple. It will be very effective for the students of early stages, such as graduate and even those who are advanced already and preparing for competitive examinations. There is also a Hindi edition for the book which can be very useful for the Hindi medium students preparing for UPSC GS or other competitive examinations.

Geography Through Maps by K. Siddhartha is a very popular book among the experts as well. The ones who are indulging in mentoring and teaching jobs are also advising their students to have this book and use it effectively. This book, as I said earlier, will be very effective for all those who have to answer geographical questions based on India in their examinations. Interested readers can also read this book just for their knowledge expansion on India as a country.

Main attractions in the book:

  • Glossary – The Glossary part is richer than expectations! It has plenty of information which alone can be useful for many examinations from KG to PG.
  • Maps – The maps used in the book are rich in content and accurately drawn. The introductory maps, before the content begins, are wonderful and illustrative enough to make the students understand the basic details of different parts of world in the terms of map.
  • Knowledge – The book is not only meant for the aspirants of various competitive exams. It can equally be used and studied by anyone who wants to gain knowledge, basic world knowledge and expert knowledge on India as a country and its physical qualities.

You can grab a copy of this book from Amazon. Please follow the link below and get your copy now.

Buy the book – Amazon India

Buy the Hindi edition of Geography Through Maps

review and tips by Raunak (MA, Allahabad University)

Geography Through Maps - review
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Are you thinking of UPSC? Thinking about GS or General Knowledge for any other competitive exams? Geography Through Maps is a book that you must have!

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  • Along with this, Physical Geography and Economic Geography by K. Siddhartha will also be very helpful for the IAS aspirants.

  • This book is really very helpful for the aspirants of UPSC as well as other examinations. I liked the content of the book as well as the appendix or you can say that mine for information which supplies along with K. Siddhartha’s Geography through Maps… thanks for the detailed review!

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