Kohinoor in You adventure of a modern writer review

Kohinoor in you: adventure of a modern writer – review

Book: Kohinoor in you: adventure of a modern writer
Author: Mukesh Kumar Shahi
Publisher: Evincepub, 2018
Review by: Active Reader, Ravi
Starter: You will find it engaging, inclusive and something which is fresh…


Kohinoor in You is a motivational book by author Mukesh Kumar Shahi. This book has been written in a totally different style and so, it does not resemble any other motivational books written before. Yes, if a far resemblance I can see then it would certainly seem an exaggeration but it does match (only in structure) Autobiography of a Yogi by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda – he also wrote about his personal wanderings and experiences and so does this new author from Bihar. So, what is this about? What does the book Kohinoor in You tell you?

The Style:
The style of the book is quite simple and it does not let the readers be bogged down by a feeling that they are reading something supposed to be extraordinary. The writing is in plain English and it majorly communicates with the readers; that I have felt in detail. Other motivational books that I have read so far try their best to connect with the mood of the readers but they lack the connecting language – that is, plain English! Mukesh has done very well here. He has divided his book into different chapters and each of them discusses something unique. However, the first few chapters could be well if merged: just a suggestion.

The Content:
The full title of the book is Kohinoor in You: Adventure of a Modern Writer. In this book, the author shares his journey from a nobody to a somebody. He talks about his childhood and his grandfather who had a great influence on him. He talks about his fascination towards the epics like Gita and Ramayana. He talks about taking inspiration and learning various good qualities from Gods – Hanuman, Rama and Krishna. Then he also shares some of his personal stuff – the marriage proposals, zeal to write a book and then a recluse in some ashram for some days. You can also enjoy this as a plain story or learn something from the experience of the author.

The Relevance:
Such books are not easily visible in the market. Because of the readers’ interest majorly in fictional titles, writing such a book is itself courageous enough a decision. However, a book like Kohinoor in You; Adventure of a Modern Writer does deserve some applaud from the readers. Mukesh Kumar Shahi, maybe he lacks somewhere (that you might feel moving ahead in the book), has done his possible best with his writing. He has tried to be able to communicate with the readers – a dialogue book, you might say it. However, it certainly could be better. Still, I do believe that the attempt is noteworthy and it will certainly find itself very much in the hands of the contemporary readers.

Final & Critical View:
I would certainly not say that this book deserves a 5-star rating! I won’t even say that you must read it and must not miss this book by any chance. However, like I said earlier, this book does deserve a chance in the hands of the readers. You can learn some simple tricks from the author’s personal experiences – being focused, being productive, being creative and also remaining steadfast at the same time. It has also shared some scientific tricks to know what career could suit a person; that I personally liked as well. It’s only the second book by the author but he seems to have matured ahead from the point where he was before, during his first book. So, it might be a good read for the youths who are looking for some motivation from a person very much from the modern age and modern society and contemporary – meet your new age motivator!

How to get the book:
Well, you can easily buy this book from Amazon. Below, you will see the book and just click on the button to buy. Buying a book is still not difficult in India as buying an MLA! 🙂 Cheers!

Kohinoor in you by Mukesh
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Kohinoor in you will certainly help you to understand your goals and your qualities a little better… a well-written motivational book which keeps the author at the centre-pole of the events and experiences.

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