Unvanquished the fight beyond justice by Jonaki Mukherjee book review

Unvanquished: The Fight Beyond Justice by Dr Jonaki Mukherjee – Book Review

Rare are the books that document genuine cases of crimes against women. Government documents and yearly reports by independent NGOs, at times, lack the refinement. However, a recent publication by one of the leading activists, counsellors and teachers for many years – Dr Jonaki Mukherjee – has set the ball rolling yet again. Unvanquished: The Fight Beyond Justice, a March 2022 book, delivers ten stunning, numbing, and horrendous stories of atrocities against women in different forms. Nevertheless, at the same time, these short stories also travel beyond despair and the black side and offer hope, new beginnings and bold moves by the ladies who suffer but do not give up their strength and determination. 

Unvanquished by Dr Jonaki also bears significant marks of a progressive, something that should work, and well-thought solutions for many problems that women face in society. Dr Jonaki’s free-flowing, persuasive and determined writing paves new ways for women to find the recognition, identity and respect they deserve. In one of the hard-hitting stories in this collection occurs the following statement: 

“Loving does not mean controlling her – loving her means giving her the freedom to choose her own lifestyle, allowing her to take her own decisions. We, women, are like plants that you grow at home. You need to tend with love and care, providing the necessary ingredients for growth. Only then will the plants flower and bear fruit.” 

The best thing about this collection of short stories is that you get to read all the true stories only… there are ten in this book and every one features women (may have changed names) who have suffered… tolerated and yet came out victorious. 

The short stories end with a section where the author of these stories, Dr Jonaki Mukherjee, offers her opinions, stories behind the stories and the way forward to the readers of this book. It becomes more interesting with some quality inputs. 

As far as it concerns the literary qualities of the short stories, you get to read works of literature that are beyond the ordinary for sure. Dr Jonaki’s rich vocabulary adds vivid colours of realism to her stories. The style of serving realism with the very best of narrative tools pushes these works in the short story genre to the level where they act as the mediums of change as well as entertainment. 

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Unvanquished: The Fight Beyond Justice by Dr Jonaki Mukherjee – Book Review
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Unvanquished: The Fight Beyond Justice by Dr Jonaki Mukherjee is a collection of short stories that take up the age-old debate in India – issues about women and their response. Albeit, this book comes loaded with real-life stories of the women fighting back and rising above.

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