Amour a journey to find love life review

Amour – A Journey to find Love and Purpose of Life – Book Review

Book – Amour: A Journey to find Love and Purpose of Life
Author – Anshuman Kashyap
Publisher – Evincepub
First Published – 2018
Pages – 116
Suitable read for – youngsters who look for good romantic books with a deeper meaning rather than shallow erotica

Amour by Anshuman Kahsyap is indeed a journey which he takes to find his love as well as the meaning of love… and once he realises the meaning of love, he sets his goal at finding the purpose of life. Anjali is his love and they meet at a wedding in Ranchi. As usual, it starts with mistakes and misconceptions and then the love takes its flight into the clouds of winter.

Amour is a coming-age novel and it has its unique features. The novel is short, simply written and also meaningfully conveyed. The first mystery and the second mystery thing will surely interest many readers because it brings a unique thing about love to the light. Romance… it’s there but only as much as it would be suitable for the readers of every age and every walk of life. I liked this feature in the book.

Anshuman Kashyap, the author of Amour: A Journey to find Love and Purpose of Life, has made a great attempt considering this is his very debut work. He has, perhaps, instilled his personal experiment as an author in this novel or this novel is certainly inspired by him to a great extent. The story leads the readers to Ranchi, Delhi, Noida, Sitamarhi, and also Ukraine. Anjali Jha’s character portrays the communication and the understanding gap that this new age suffers – between parents and their children. The novel, in a way, also portrays the fast-track life which has taken over the traditional concept of romance and love.

Critically, the novel is a one-time read and that also a pleasant read by all means. It’s short and to the point. It’s pleasant. It’s unique and it’s offering is a bit extra from the modern romance novels which fail to impress most often. I admire the attempt of the Anshuman and as the author hails from Bihar, that also makes it a must-read attempt because he has tried to unchain himself from the conventional look of disdain with which the Biharis are looked – Anshuman is an eye-doctor, after all! 🙂

At some places in the novel, you can think that it does not offer you that ‘special thing’ but it should be pardonable. This is the fresh attempt and let it cool… Amour is all about the definition of love and then defining those definitions…

You can get a copy of the book from Amazon India link below which will open in a new tab on Amazon website. Make sure you let the author know what do you feel after reading the book by leaving a comment on Amazon, Goodreads or on this review – Active Reader website. I wish you all a happy reading!

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Amour - A Journey to find Love and Purpose of Life
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A perfect novel for youngsters… one-time read for all!

On Amour – A Journey to find Love and Purpose of Life – Book Review

  • A great book 📖 and its content is really awesome full of romanticism and inspiration ☺️☺️ i really like this book and the writer dr. Anshuman kashyap.

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