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The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – Book Review

Many young authors have written many novels. Adults have written many novels for young authors. However, there are rare occasions when young authors write impactful novels for young adults. The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi is one of those rare novels that make a wider impact upon the audience, beyond the intended ones… this novel is the latest novel by 7-book author Sanjana who is just 13 by the way, as in 2022. Isn’t that surprising enough?

The Moon Wolf, as the title and cover of the novel suggest, is about a wolf named Moony. Moony, who is left alone in the bush by God knows whom, is adopted by the Alpha and many others of the pack that Alpha leads. From the beginning, the novelist has tried to hint that Moony has special abilities and Moony is a special wolf. As the novel progresses, readers will find out all the qualities and powers that Moony possesses. However, as we hear many times, with great powers, great responsibilities are always there, just at the door to keep you focused, controlled and decisive as well.

Moony eventually becomes the leader of its pack. After assuming the role in the leadership position, Moony has to lead its pack through many occasions of struggle, strife and survival. The author has tried to reflect the qualities of a great, wise, and composed leader in Moony. Moony goes beyond that and it can converse with human beings in their language. Beyond that, Moony has special skills at hunting, fighting and training others in the pack. With all these, Moony has to lead its pack and also that of human allies against the frightening and angry Dark pack led by Grey, a wolf that wanted to kill the Alpha and become the leader. That battle, in the end, I have to admit has been coloured in some fashion and just takes the novel to another level altogether.

To sum it up, Sanjana Kanamarlapudi has developed many wonderful skills as a young author and many of them are on display in this novel, the recent from her. Moony will offer an ideal hero to kids and would also offer them a very fascinating myth that this young author has tried to weave. If you are wondering, as an adult, to offer something wonderful for your kids or young readers you know, you have a good choice in The Moon Wolf. The novel is written in simple language, has a very quickly moving story and cannot be kept aside until the readers get to that side…

Critically speaking, the novel might have a few patches of rigid drags. A few descriptions have been repeated and a few might have been avoided. However, those patches are not important enough to mar the striking success of the young author in bringing the best of Moony and its leadership to the young readers. So, you are more than welcome to read it yourself or read it to young readers around you!

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The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – Book Review
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The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi is a children novel… it offers more than an interesting story. Ideal fictional piece for kids and young readers, you can let them have a good time decorated with important lessons for life ahead…

On The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – Book Review

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