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On The Way by Vanisha Uppal, Book Review

Vanisha Uppal’s debut non-fiction book in the spiritual genre, On The Way, is a one of its kind book without much conjecture. The author has written about herself and her thoughts but she has been able to connect with her readers as if things are universal. And it is so once you start reading the book. The issues that the book discusses are not very far from the issues we face in our daily lives. Thoughts, questions, doubts, queries, curiosity, confusions, conundrums and so on… we all face as we progress in our lives. On the job, inside our homes, with our relatives, love affairs, friendship, money, management, occupation, leaving things behind… there are many occasions in life that test us and give us opportunities to show our resolve. The book discusses all those in brief chapters, shown as articles.

How do you decide when you fall in love? Vanisha has discussed it in her chapter on love – A Lot Like Love… and she has answered many questions in her brief chapter. The same stands the case with many other ideas and concepts. Rituals, religion, spirituality, work, job, teenage crush, life, death, penury, friendship and others. Vanisha has written about her experiences as an individual and her reaction to all those experiences in action, thought and resolve.

The author has taken inspiration from many moments in her life, acts like reading, coming in touch with people, childhood memories, days of hardship… everything finds mention in On The Way. Unlike the usual books on self-help and issues related, this book by Vanisha may not bore the readers with the usual wisdom and an egoistic stance by the author. She has kept her content individual and she does not boast that her way is the only way. In fact, the title suggests very clearly – On The Way. Instead of the ultimate destination or something more deductive, the author has kept her title synonymous with her search – still on the way to finding answers. This is encouraging for the readers in many ways and so is the book.

I will not discuss the content in every chapter of the book here. However, let me make it very clear that the readers are going to love whatever they read in the book. We all relate to someone else’s story rather conveniently when he or she has a name and the stories are no fiction. And On The Way offers the same. Vanisha’s journey as an individual who had to face too many hardships after her marital conflict and her gradual realisation of many things in life, the story sounds promising, inspiring and friendly and it has the potential to inspire many to see life differently – a life worth living and enjoying!

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On The Way by Vanisha Uppal, Book Review
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On The Way is an individual’s realisation of many things in life and life itself. A sure read for many readers who have an interest in understanding the complexities of life in a convenient way!

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