Nehru's 97 major blunders book review

Nehru’s 97 Major Blunders by Rajnikant Puranik – Book Review

History has always served as a source of inspiration, a mirror for mistakes we should not make and a foundation on which we stand in the present, shaping our future. India’s history is long, long enough to contain many things that we like or dislike depending upon our political and ideological biases or merely rationale. For example, there are historians who are hell-bent on proving that Aryan immigration theory still holds ground even after it has been debunked and proven wrong on many occasions. Likewise, there are many historians who are still determined to give Nehru, the self-appointed Prime Minister vowing to serve the ‘British crown’, right even after his blunders are in the open. For all such readers, from both sides, who want to know more about Nehru, Rajnikant Puranik’s book, Nehru’s 97 Major Blunders will be a wonderful experience (instigating many experiences and reactions).

Rajnikant Puranik has written many books reflecting upon the history of India around independence. His book on Nehru’s blunders makes much sense when we struggle with China and its advances today. You will know what mistakes Nehru made during, before and after the war with China in 1962. Did Nehru do his best for India’s economic growth? You will be surprised to know about his priorities and how highly misplaced they were… However, the author has largely focused on foreign policies, internal and external security and political blunders made by Nehru. For instance, here is an example, China-war and around:

“Risking country’s defence on the altar of “Ahimsa”, and talking of scrapping the army and making do with only the Police, Nehru actually went ahead and reduced the army strength by about 50,000 troops after independence despite the looming threat in Kashmir, and the Chinese entry into Tibet.”

Yes, our first PM was thinking about removing the army altogether. However, somehow, better sense prevailed and he only reduced the strength, making our security vulnerable and exploded and we all know what happened after that. Nehru’s British mindset (that he thought to be progressive) and hunger for power and accolades by the foreign countries almost baited our national security many a time. You will know many of those in this book in a very simplified way.

Yes, readers from another side of the political distinction might sense a fragrance of political and otherwise bias in the book but facts speak for themselves. The author has merely collected the facts and offered them on a single platter to the readers. He did not conceive these facts out of his imagination. So, if anyone would like to contest the book on the basis of facts, most welcome. Otherwise, the accusations of bias and others will only stand as irresponsible criticism on the basis of nothingness.

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Nehru's 97 Major Blunders by Rajnikant Puranik – Book Review
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Nehru’s 97 Major Blunders by Rajnikant Puranik is a political bombshell albeit loaded with facts mostly irrefutable and you can only fume if you criticise it without substance!

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