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5 books you must read – November 2021 list by Active Reader

The latest trends in Indian literature, whether it’s Hindi or English, the two widely read languages in the country, have been varied and widespread, from the issues that affect human lives directly to the issues that we think only when we sit with the luxury of leisure hours. There are books that you will find interesting, enjoyable, entertaining as well as well-written, well-planned and well-thought. I am listing 5 books that you must read if you are thinking about reading titles that will keep you entertained and also aware of the latest trends in literature in India and Globally. So, let’s get into the list and keep the momentum at your reading desk high! 🙂

A Dumb’s Story: Reviewed recently on Active Reader, A Dumb’s Story is a novel that offers a wonderful blend of storytelling and the vision of the writer. Sudipta Roy offers his unique presentation where he allows a dumb protagonist to become the change agent and makes him achieve feats in style. Emotional and practical, eccentric in parts, the novel will be a wonderful tool to spend your leisure. Politics, struggle, achievements and sacrifice… 

The Asht Yogis: Written in Hindi as well as in English, the novel offers the readers a chance to envision the upcoming imaginary calamities and how a few Siddha Purush or the Asht Yogis, the disciples of a great human being, come together to save everything for humanity. Ravi Ranjan Goswami, an acclaimed author with more than twenty titles against his name, has written both versions of the book in an exciting manner and the storyline will keep the readers attached to the development of the plot to the end…  

You Should Have Left: Daniel Kehlmann has certainly created a masterpiece in the form of this book and you will absolutely love it if you like reading thriller, horror and mystery genre. The novel or rather a novella will leave you amazed with the conclusion and you cannot do anything about it… I truly loved the novel and I believe that you guys will like it the same way. Not revealing more than the fact that there is a family, a kid, a room with special features, strange incidents, fear, horror, and then, confusion… 

Dharma: Decoding the Epics for a Meaningful Life: This is a non-fiction book that will reveal many ‘unknown’ secrets and interesting facts about Hindu Dharma to the readers who are interested in knowing more about the same. Moreover, the book by Amish and his sister also becomes interesting because it travels through time in a fictional way and reveals the facts related to Hinduism so that the facts do not become detached of interest. The book is short enough to be read in about 1-3 days depending upon your reading habits. 

Any poetry collection by Nirala: Are you feeling the urge to read meaningful, interesting, elevated and beautified by the linguistic prowess poetry? Well, you don’t need to look too far because you can simply pick up any title written by Suryakant Tripathi Nirala and grace yourself with some wonderful poetry reading experience. Famous as a devotional and realistic poet, philosophical and linguistically gifted, a prolific Hindi poet Nirala will leave you amazed, astonished and emotionally elevated as soon as you begin reading any poetry collection by this poet… all the best!

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by Vyom for Active Reader

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