Self-publishing your book? Choose the best publisher!

Choose the best if you are self-publishing a book!

The best thing about self-publishing a book is that you trust your writing skills and you are ready to bet! Isn’t that a convincing enough idea to dive into the world of self-publishing and put your writing and convincing the readers skills to test? However, one has to be aware that there are many self-publishing companies that make so many false promises to their authors. When it comes to delivering on those promises made while agreeing on

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We are live!


Dear readers, a very pleasant welcome to all of you who have entered our website for the very early visits! We are live and we will be making things really great here. Active Reader is a team of awesome readers who use most of their time reading quality books and then spend their rest of the time writing about the books they read. So, our business is reading and writing!

More than that, we also

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