Choose the best if you are self-publishing a book!

Self-publishing your book? Choose the best publisher!

The best thing about self-publishing a book is that you trust your writing skills and you are ready to bet! Isn’t that a convincing enough idea to dive into the world of self-publishing and put your writing and convincing the readers skills to test? However, one has to be aware that there are many self-publishing companies that make so many false promises to their authors. When it comes to delivering on those promises made while agreeing on the deal, they often leave their authors in a helpless state by stating many different terms and conditions. These are more or less vanity publishing companies which look at making money for themselves rather than publishing the books for their authors. Be aware of them. You have to choose the best self-publishing service for yourself and it’s not that easy. It requires patience, hard work and listing. 

How to choose one of the best self-publishing companies in India? Here are some important facts that you should keep in mind when you look for a company: 

  1. Does that company offer you the option of designing your budget or package yourself? If yes, it’s an upvote! Lock it and move ahead. If no, dump it right away! 
  2. Does the company oblige if you ask for a detailed list of services and the prices? If yes, you are two steps closer to finding your best company! If no, then dump it and move ahead. 
  3. Does the company consult with you on your manuscript before finalising the deal? If yes, then the company is serious about your author brand and image among the readers. Many self-publishing companies don’t do it and they publish anything you offer them. So, a company that cares for your image is a serious publishing house! You are three steps closer! If not, as always, dump it and move ahead. 
  4. Does the publishing company offer editing services? What is quality? Even if they charge but they offer something serious and innovative and something that involves your role as an author when required, it’s better to get a step further closer. This is the right choice for you. Editing is a very important service and it directly connects with your future in the writing industry. If you want to be seriously read by your authors, do look for the best editing options. If your selected company does not offer good quality editing, move on. Good editing is delivered generally by the people with literary backgrounds and in-depth knowledge of fiction and non-fiction techniques. 
  5. Does your selected company offer you a guaranteed book marketing after the publication? If yes, this is the company that you need to go ahead and publish. If not, dump it! Now, if you can find a self-publishing service provider that offers you all these 5 very important things, you should self-publish your book with it. A little hard work and you can easily find a company that offers all these. 

Should I self-publish my book? This is a classic question. If you can find one company with all the essentials and these 5 highly important factors, you should go ahead with a jolly face. You will surely enjoy the journey. Make sure that you don’t get caught with those scam companies that only make money out of your expectations and sell you hollow promises. If you ask for my personal advice, you should go for a publisher like Ashvamegh. Ashvamegh Publication is established by the team of experts that has been active for more than four years in publishing and book promotion services industry. They provide you with an option of designing your own publishing package and also guarantee you promotions post-publication. Check them out. Visit their website and see if you like the offers. All the best! 


by Sumit for Active Reader Book Blog

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