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10 Romance Novels You Must Read – a list of bestselling books published in 2023

Readers, here is A List of the Bestselling Romance Novels Romance Novels published in 2023! Active Reader Books

Who doesn’t want some romance in life? I hope you too. 🙂

Who doesn’t like reading a romance novel? There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a steamy tale of love and passion, whether you’re curled up on the couch or hiding under the covers with a flashlight. Romance novels provide the perfect escape from reality, allowing us to live vicariously through the characters and their heart-pounding escapades. From the classic tales of forbidden love to the modern-day rom-com, there’s

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W. B. Yeats, his poetry, Hinduism, Spirituality and Occult – an entangled web of enigma that extends beyond poetry

Hinduism & English Poetry: an incomplete exploration... Active Reader W B Yeats Eliot Emerson opinion poems philosophy

W.B. Yeats, a literary giant of the 20th century, left an indelible mark on poetry, and his works reflect a profound engagement with the occult, spirituality, and Hinduism. Yes, beyond poetry and drama, culture and criticism, Yeats also dealt with the occult to a great extent. To understand the world around him and himself, Yeats dived deeper into the world of spirituality and even Tantra, an ancient Hindu practice. This intersection of diverse influences has given rise to a body

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Roasting Rupi Kaur, and understand what poetry is (and what it’s not) – an informative article

Poetry: what it should and should not be?
Who is a poet? What is poetry? What does poetry mean? And many other questions in this vague genre of literary terms are best left untouched if we are about to discuss something specific and immediate. Today, I will be roasting Rupi Kaur as a poet and her (absent) style of poetry. Don’t be shocked, feel surprised when you see it
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Brewed Brilliance: The Magical Pact Between Coffee and Captivating Reads

Coffee & Books: the best duo? opinion coffee caffeine and reading facts

Do you ever find yourself dozing off mid-sentence during your favourite book? Fear not, fellow bookworms, for salvation comes in a steaming cup of liquid magic – coffee! Picture this: you, nestled in a cosy reading nook, your literary companion in one hand and a cup of Joe in the other. It’s not just a beverage; it’s the secret elixir that transforms your reading experience from a meandering stroll to a thrilling sprint. Buckle up, caffeine enthusiasts and book aficionados,

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Vizag Blue – an immersive multi-dimensional tale by Anil CS Rao is launched

Vizag Blue Anil CS Rao book launch graphic novel

Readers, are you prepared to embark on the captivating journey presented by Anil’s newest graphic novel, brimming with assurances of an enthralling narrative? “Vizag Blue” stands as a gateway to a literary adventure that promises to transport readers across a myriad of dimensions, each more captivating than the last. As you eagerly turn the pages, be prepared to be swept away into a tapestry of diverse worlds, each intricately woven with layers of storytelling and visual splendour. Anil’s mastery in

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The Serpent and the Rope by Raja Rao – Book Review

The Serpent and the Rope by Raja Rao book review summary analysis literature Indian Active Reader

Winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1964, The Serpent and the Rope is undoubtedly the magnum opus of Raja Rao. Regarded as one of the greatest figures in Indian English literature, along with R K Narayan and M R Anand, Raja Rao has explored the indefinite path of Indian philosophy, spirituality and Hindu Darshan in this novel. Many critics believe, and it apparently appears to be the case, the author has based the storyline of this novel on the

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Dr Haseena Chokkiyil – author of The Kintsugi Moms – recollects the sufferings of women and shows the way forward!

Dr Haseena Chokkiyil Author Kintsugi Moms

Reading books have brought me very far. I envision books, authors and literary philosophers making the world a better place – a space for everyone, a remedy for every problem, and the participation of everyone! Therefore, the role of good books and responsible authors will always be valuable for any society. When we talk of books, the present century has witnessed the publication of many self-help books that brought many changes in the general perception of society towards many ideas.

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Melodies of Society by Arav Rajesh – Book Review

Melodies of Society by Arav Rajesh book review Active Reader Poetry

Indian Poetry, in general, and across languages, has always sided with the sentiments, concerns, thoughts, traditions, problems and solutions that resemble people’s aspirations. The poems in the pre-independence era echoed the need to be independent. The poems of the post-independence era reverberated about the causes of good governance and other issues that concern the general population. In English, poets like Sarojini Naidu and Sri Aurobindo wrote about the concerns of the country before we got our independence. Once we

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The Obvious Truth that is Hidden by Chethana – Book Review

The Obvious Truth by Chethana Book Review

The title of the book tells many stories. Before you get yourself in a mess of thoughts and start speculating, let me break it out that the book is a non-fiction genre attempt at uncluttering the web of thoughts and complex ideas we often encounter as soon as we try to enter into a spiritually active phase. Is it a self-help book? You can say that. Is it a religious book? You can say that too. Is it a book

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Maya, the blindfolded… by Prasad Bag – Book Review

Maya the blindfolded by Prasad Bag book review Active Reader

The entire novel rests on two possible scenarios – either Maya is slipping into madness, slowly and eventually or she actually sees, feels and interacts with ghosts. Being a mystery thriller novel, the storyline will keep you engaged in things otherwise, your focus may come back again and again on these issues as Maya is the protagonist who has the responsibility of driving the plot to a fitting conclusion and that’s really fantastic. In this book review article, I will

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