W. B. Yeats, his poetry, Hinduism, Spirituality and Occult – an entangled web of enigma that extends beyond poetry

Hinduism & English Poetry: an incomplete exploration... Active Reader W B Yeats Eliot Emerson opinion poems philosophy

W.B. Yeats, a literary giant of the 20th century, left an indelible mark on poetry, and his works reflect a profound engagement with the occult, spirituality, and Hinduism. Yes, beyond poetry and drama, culture and criticism, Yeats also dealt with the occult to a great extent. To understand the world around him and himself, Yeats dived deeper into the world of spirituality and even Tantra, an ancient Hindu practice. This intersection of diverse influences has given rise to a body

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Roasting Rupi Kaur, and understand what poetry is (and what it’s not) – an informative article

Poetry: what it should and should not be?
Who is a poet? What is poetry? What does poetry mean? And many other questions in this vague genre of literary terms are best left untouched if we are about to discuss something specific and immediate. Today, I will be roasting Rupi Kaur as a poet and her (absent) style of poetry. Don’t be shocked, feel surprised when you see it
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Brewed Brilliance: The Magical Pact Between Coffee and Captivating Reads

Coffee & Books: the best duo? opinion coffee caffeine and reading facts

Do you ever find yourself dozing off mid-sentence during your favourite book? Fear not, fellow bookworms, for salvation comes in a steaming cup of liquid magic – coffee! Picture this: you, nestled in a cosy reading nook, your literary companion in one hand and a cup of Joe in the other. It’s not just a beverage; it’s the secret elixir that transforms your reading experience from a meandering stroll to a thrilling sprint. Buckle up, caffeine enthusiasts and book aficionados,

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The Concept of Complete Fiction for Modern Readers – an opinion

Active Reader Opinion article book authors blog reviews

Every reader has a perception of the best kind of fictional works – be it a novel, a poetry collection or even a 4-page short story. Something that goes beyond entertaining and pleasing, something that remains as the residue of a fictional encounter, something that we can name a creative residue. Do you agree? If yes, you must have a perception of what should be the best fiction. We read many books in our lifetime (I can speak for many

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Where to go? The world out there is just the opposite of world inside!

I have been reading for almost a decade now. Not only reading, in fact, I have also been watching movies of various genres and I really liked some of them. However, in books and movies, there are many that I simply find rather amusing because they show what we cannot expect, ever, in reality. Yes, that can only work better in the fantasy or comedy genre. A guy making love to a donkey (except for some instances where we find

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Reasons you should read The White Tiger by Adiga (and reasons to skip it as well)

Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger reasons to read and avoid novel booker

The White Tiger won the Man Booker Award in the year 2008… it has been hailed as a masterpiece of contemporary Indian English literature and critics and their critique might have their reasons (and, possibly, compulsions) to do so. However, for a common reader, what messages does this novel have? What do you think of it when you read the first few chapters and what would you say about it if you have finished reading it already… maybe many years

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What kind of novels are worthy to be read twice (and more)?

Novels to read for a second time opinion book list opinion

Novels are popular. And I don’t need any adverbs or adjectives or even nouns to prove this. Novels are popular and that’s it. However, what kind of novels are popular? What kind of novels attract the widest readership? What kind of novels are mostly written by modern authors? What kind of novels earns the biggest revenues? There are many questions that might be answered in a simple phrase – explicit romance or extraordinary brilliance at writing fiction. I have separated

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5 Reasons You Should Read Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral

5 Reasons you should read Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral

Haven’t read the book Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral yet? This article will tell you why you should read the book at the earliest before Ravi comes up with the next part of this title – on a broader canvas and with major issues. Ravi Dabral’s work comes up with a major theme – life with this vs life with that concept that can easily fit into any discourse. Ravi has delivered the narrative in an

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Fiction, Semi-fiction and Non-fiction – when to read what?

What kind of books do you like_FictionNon-fictionSemi-fiction

Have you ever come across a genre which might be called a semi-fiction? You might not; we have. We have come across several books which claim to be non-fictional titles but are, in fact, semi-fictitious books propagating certain fiction mixed with certain realism. That’s the genre we call semi-fiction. And believe it, that is the genre which will, sometimes, boggle your head!

Fiction and non-fiction are something we all know. We know how does a fiction

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