Dr Haseena Chokkiyil – author of The Kintsugi Moms – recollects the sufferings of women and shows the way forward!

Dr Haseena Chokkiyil Author Kintsugi Moms

Reading books have brought me very far. I envision books, authors and literary philosophers making the world a better place – a space for everyone, a remedy for every problem, and the participation of everyone! Therefore, the role of good books and responsible authors will always be valuable for any society. When we talk of books, the present century has witnessed the publication of many self-help books that brought many changes in the general perception of society towards many ideas.

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Seema Seth pens Yashoda and Krishna, a fine blend of fiction and non-fiction

Seema Seth Yashoda and Krishna ancient wisdom relationships book

In modern times, the importance of relationships is fading. The reasons could be many. However, as per my understanding, people have limited themselves and are happy, content and comfortable in their small world. Their days start with a mobile phone and end with it. And in the intervening time, they run after money, which they consider to be the most important thing on this planet. (Though we all consider the same and none is to blame for that.) In

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Gautam Rajrishi – The soldier with a pen & shayar with a gun!

Gautam Rajrishi army soldier shayar poet

There have been many wonders in the history that we often remember to realise how wonderful the world has been over the centuries, coming to this age of chaos and uncertainty. Out of many countries in the world, India has certainly been a nation with an eye for the surprises and ears too… with a big heart! Getting to know artists, poets, authors, dancers and so many people from so many walks of life is not a big thing here.

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Literature is engaging as well as enlightening – Ravi Dabral

Ravi Dabral bestselling novelist India

In an interview, Ravi Dabral, the author of Greed Lust Addiction, the bestselling debut novel by him, said that he believes in writing fiction that can help his readers on many fronts. The first is by developing a reading habit and the second is that his writings are aimed at inspiring the readers to lead a ‘virtuous and stress-free life.’ Can an author make this happen? The answer is very much yes if the author truly aims at

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Asmit Rathod – author of Life is a Bitch working on second novel now

Asmit Rathod author

In 2015, a novel hit the book market – Life is a Bitch. It featured the central character who is taken rather from the common society – Kumar. A guy with ambition but not a direction and then the life around him changes when he meets his fate – in a common civil society, things, even the tiny things, matter a lot. This is what the novelist of that debut novel, Asmit Rathod, wanted to tell his readers.

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