Where to go? The world out there is just the opposite of world inside!

I have been reading for almost a decade now. Not only reading, in fact, I have also been watching movies of various genres and I really liked some of them. However, in books and movies, there are many that I simply find rather amusing because they show what we cannot expect, ever, in reality. Yes, that can only work better in the fantasy or comedy genre. A guy making love to a donkey (except for some instances where we find people from a particular section trying such inhuman acts) can only be possible in Shakespeare’s world or in one of my confusing dreams. On the other hand, so dumb security in charge and police officers can only be possible in the world of Money Heist or Lupin or some other dumb tv shows that I severely despise just because they rather make ugly look heroic and actual heroes are shown being butchered with ‘thumping’ music in the background and those nuisances of the society get heroic deaths, glamourous appearance and impossible wit! Why?

It’s even worse than the drastic novels by Chetan Bhagat, a tuxedo without shoulders or even worse… There is a particular reason for that and I can only make assumptions here. However, I do think that it is the common tendency of human beings to like something that is either in trend or against the tide. Satan was almost ironised like a hero in Milton’s Paradise Lost and he was criticised for that. Victor Frankenstein getting an Einstien treatment might confuse many. Dhoom movies with anti-heroes doing all the talking and actual person shown as responsible for stopping such menace from doing sh!t is shown as confused, dumb and perplexed. And, don’t deny, we actually love such things! Why?

Readers have come very far and so have cinema lovers. And, we cannot ignore, the same or even more progress has been made by writers and movie directors as well. We witness a romance with suicide every now and then and it is evident what might follow next – people say art influences society. What are we heading for? What might be encountered by us as a society in the near future? We are already witnessing ‘kids’ making love and doing sexual acts as we see in movies and read in fiction. Can we also witness robbers with guns inside the banks just in hope of getting public support because ‘people being dumb’ is taken for granted? Ask such tough questions to yourself and you will know the answer… somewhere inside…


by Dipanshu for Active Reader

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