5 Reasons you should read Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral

5 Reasons You Should Read Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral

Haven’t read the book Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral yet? This article will tell you why you should read the book at the earliest before Ravi comes up with the next part of this title – on a broader canvas and with major issues. Ravi Dabral’s work comes up with a major theme – life with this vs life with that concept that can easily fit into any discourse. Ravi has delivered the narrative in an impressive way and his novel certainly arouses the readers’ attention and propels them to the aesthetic conclusion of the story. So, let’s dive into the purpose of this article; here are the 5 reasons you must read Greed Lust Addiction: 

One: Theme – The theme of this novel is entirely different compared to the novels, the usual suspects, that you might have been reading recently. What does it offer? Well, Ravi Dabral, one of the best crime thriller novelists in India today, thought of offering something unique and he mixed two styles together to produce his debut masterpiece. He fused the classic and conventional style of visionary storytelling with a modern lifestyle based story – two facets are Suraj and Vijay. What’s the rest? Well, read the novel for that. 

Two: Uniqueness – What is unique in the novel? You will find the answers to your question once you begin reading this amazing work. Greed Lust Addiction offers many peculiar things as an Indian novel that you often do not find in the works by Indian novelists. You will find the plot taking a sharp turn and almost splitting into a second novel. You will find the characters who represent their types but are not stereotypes exactly. You will find a storyline that doesn’t let you feel dragged because the canvas of the discourse is too big to bore a reader! What else – well, find out for yourself! 

Three: Popularity – Yes, there are many popular novels by novelists in their very debut. However, the popularity and readers’ approval that this novel by Ravi has received is different. Leading book critics and book review websites in India have rated the novel well. Many readers have approved the work on Goodreads and Amazon. Many eminent personalities have endorsed the views by Ravi Dabral and expressed the same. What else could an author want? So, why are you waiting to express your sharp opinions about the novel? Just read it and express yourself freely on any platform you want – the book is everywhere – from Google to Goodreads, from Amazon to premium literary websites… 

Four: Thumbs UP to Great Indian Heritage – The novel has profoundly appreciated the great Indian teachings to the world – simple life, virtue, patience, self-restraint and social service. However, the novel includes a very thrilling story with these concepts and this makes the novel even better for modern readers as well as the readers of classic Indian novels with quality. The novel will ask you many questions; the novel will answer many questions of yours; the novel will inspire you to do good things; the novel will warn you of the leg-draggers in life. What are you waiting for? Get a copy today and read it this weekend… or even in your office chair if you can manage that! 😉 

Five: Write Your Reason in the Comments Section – Well, you cannot expect us to do everything and sit yourself idle. Just grab the copy of this novel and let us know why did you like it. We will wait for the comments.

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article by Manisha for Active Reader Book Blog 

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  • My reason was very simple – I was bored of reading romantic novels regularly and Ravi’s view was interesting enough to keep me pulled for 3 days…

  • I enjoyed reading the novel because the story was innovative… from an investigative journalist to a person thinking of social welfare… I just enjoyed it!

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