Dr Haseena Chokkiyil Author Kintsugi Moms

Dr Haseena Chokkiyil – author of The Kintsugi Moms – recollects the sufferings of women and shows the way forward!

Reading books have brought me very far. I envision books, authors and literary philosophers making the world a better place – a space for everyone, a remedy for every problem, and the participation of everyone! Therefore, the role of good books and responsible authors will always be valuable for any society. When we talk of books, the present century has witnessed the publication of many self-help books that brought many changes in the general perception of society towards many ideas. Women authors among the writers of famous and worthy self-help books have contributed a lot with their experiences and expertise. From India, a recent publication by Dr Haseena Chokkiyil, The Kintsugi Moms, has received critical appreciation from readers and critics for the qualities the book offers. The Kintsugi Moms is a book by a single mother dedicated to all single mothers who have suffered but decided to carry on and eventually won the battle against all odds! The author has written about women who have posed as exemplary human beings by standing up against their supposed fate. There are eight stories in the first part and Dr Haseena’s valuable inputs in the second.  

Though this is only the first book by the author, many things about the style, vision, philosophy and craft of writing are amply visible. Dr Haseena’s work offers a glimpse into her understanding of the theme, social issues, concerns of women, psychology of society, and excruciating suffering that women have to undergo because of many reasons (even today). The inclusion of data, diagrams, illustrations and bitter but factual instances indicate the pursuit of change through literature (intended by the writer). Dr Haseena has produced a wonderful work of literature in the very first attempt as an author. Her writing is persuasive, compelling, and inspiring. And it must help many women who find themselves in the conundrum – move ahead or look back? 

Technically, the author is sound and certain about her attempt. Division of the book into two parts, problems and solutions, shows that she intends to bring into notice the problems first and then show the path of possible remedies. Dr Haseena’s studies and her experiences as a mother, a healer and a practising homoeopath have helped her develop the roadmap to Kintsugi – understanding oneself, taking care of oneself, and coming out of negativity. 

Dr Haseena’s writing has impressed readers from various sections of life. The preface written by Sushmita Sen shows how much the actor and the former miss universe appreciates the efforts of the author. Likewise, the reviews by readers on various platforms like Goodreads, Amazon and other literary platforms also exhibit how much the book has impressed them and also the author’s ability to stir a discussion on a relevant issue. 

If you want to know more about the book, you can read the review published on the ReadByCritics platform – The Kintsugi Moms by Dr Haseena Chokkiyil. You can know more about the author by visiting her official website – https://drhaseenacp.com/

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