Seema Seth Yashoda and Krishna ancient wisdom relationships book

Seema Seth pens Yashoda and Krishna, a fine blend of fiction and non-fiction

In modern times, the importance of relationships is fading. The reasons could be many. However, as per my understanding, people have limited themselves and are happy, content and comfortable in their small world. Their days start with a mobile phone and end with it. And in the intervening time, they run after money, which they consider to be the most important thing on this planet. (Though we all consider the same and none is to blame for that.) In such a situation, some authors are coming forward to bring to light these serious issues before the people. They are taking the initiative to write about relationships from different and varied perspectives. Many of them are relying on mythological, historical or religious content and present them contemporarily in the concerned context. Amongst them, Seema Seth is one. She’s picked up a very special relationship from our ancient literary and historical treasure. The relationship of a mother and a son. The relationship which Maiya Yashoda and Kanha shared. Yashoda and Krishna is the title of her recent book which portrays this pure relation with all the emotions and sentiments.

Although Seema has written many books in the past, she says this book of hers is different from her previous works. She has ventured into a historical and mythological genre for the very first time. And after reading her book, I can confidently say that she’s done complete justice to it. Unlike other authors of this genre, she didn’t manipulate the original content. As she believes that purity lies in the original. So, instead of corrupting the beauty of the organic text, she has chosen to narrate the old stories of Krishna and his Leelas with a modern touch. And this approach wins my heart. This makes her work suitable for people of all age groups, irrespective of their gender and wisdom – a child will enjoy reading another child’s feats and grown-ups will revel in the glory of young Krishna. Also, she has moulded the ancient tales in such a way that they can easily address the issue of fading relationships. 

Many authors tend to manifest their own biases and lopsided narratives in any story they work on. By doing so, they show the mirror to the society but that mirror is tainted, unable to show or produce the true picture. This actually misleads society. However, I am glad that Seema has not preferred to manipulate our literary heritage. She has sincerely put efforts to not only make people understand and value the importance of relationships but also for transferring our ancient knowledge to the next generation. 

Her book Yashoda and Krishna is a combination of both fiction and non-fiction. On the one hand, it presents the episode of Radha-Krishna, Yashoda-Krishna, Krishna dealing with his friends and Gopis, Krishna dealing with the demons and also the Kaliya episode. While on the other side, she has not forgotten to add a pinch of humour to make people enjoy it to the fullest. And I must say, the author managed both sides pretty well.


By Parakashtha for Active Reader

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