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Literature is engaging as well as enlightening – Ravi Dabral

In an interview, Ravi Dabral, the author of Greed Lust Addiction, the bestselling debut novel by him, said that he believes in writing fiction that can help his readers on many fronts. The first is by developing a reading habit and the second is that his writings are aimed at inspiring the readers to lead a ‘virtuous and stress-free life.’ Can an author make this happen? The answer is very much yes if the author truly aims at it.

Ravi Dabral resides in Singapore and has his roots in Uttarakhand, India. He comes from the land that is known as Devbhoomi and the effect of his motherland does get a reflection in his writings. Today considered as one of the best crime thriller novelists in India, his novel mostly takes place in Uttarakhand itself. Also, his novel is full of noble ideas to lead life content and happy. At the same time, his novel does have many elements that create a true crime thriller. And this, we can say that what Ravi aims at is truly to entice the reading habit as well as inspire for better living.

In answer to another question in the same interview, Ravi Dabral says:

“Literature makes us an open-minded, rational and logical person in an entertaining, engaging and enlightening way.”

These thoughts on literature are truly inspired. Literature should mean to make us open-minded by various means. Engaging literature is crafted by the means of one’s craftsmanship in fiction or non-fiction, a powerful narrative and also a theme that can keep the readers interested from the front cover to the blurb coming through each of the pages in the book.

Right now, Ravi is aiming at writing his second novel and will be the second part of his debut one – Greed Lust Addiction. This novel will take the readers away from India and the author will try to portray the vices at a global level. Before his novel, the author has also written a non-fiction book that aims at sharing the formula and experiences that the author has gained by the virtue of tours and meetings with the saints and sages across India. The book is entitled Secrets of a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life.

We will be waiting for the second part of Ravi’s bestselling novel to be published. Meanwhile, you can read the review of his first novel Greed Lust Addiction here: Greed Lust Addiction

Article by Sumant for Active Reader

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