Tatva, Soul & Karma Tanuj Lalchandani book review

Tatva, Soul & Karma by Tanuj Lalchandani – Book Review

Book: Tatva, Soul & Karma
Genre: Non-fiction, religious, spiritual
Author: Tanuj Lalchandani
Published in: 2019
Reviewed by: Amit for Active Reader Book Blog
Rating: 5/5 Stars

I really love reading spiritual books and those are the closest to my heart. The best thing about spiritual books is that they just don’t provide reading pleasure but also a lot of information can be found in spiritual books. Out of many spiritual books I have read recently, today I am talking about a book named ‘Tatva, Soul and Karma’ written by Tanuj Lalchandani – a very reputed astrologer, tarot reader and palmist from New Delhi.

Basically, the book is about particular gods and goddesses and their descriptions – which planets are governed by them, what are the methods to keep them pleased, how and when one should offer them worship etc. It starts with Lord Vishnu and ends at yoga and in between deals about every possible aspect of the deity and their importance in our life. Tanuj has offered his thoughts in a very lucid way and it becomes very easy for even a non-religious person to understand. He has also provided some extra information about Das Avatar of Vishnu like we seldom know that Balram is considered as the deity of agriculture and is one of the ten avatars of Vishnu. Such serious and obscure information make the book even more useful and special.

The main purpose of this book is to let the readers be aware of the problems that might occur in their lives and the simple solutions to them. Being an astrologer and spiritual healer, the author has shown various ways by following which a person can get rid of the problems in his life and start leading a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. If we know who is to be pleased and by doing what he or she will be pleased, we won’t have to wait to do so. This has been made easy by the author.

And, as the title suggests, Tatva, Soul & Karma, there is a lot written about Karma as well. There is a dedicated chapter that deals with it and makes the vital concept easy to be understood by commoners. Likewise, there is a chapter on Rudraksha also and that chapter makes it very simple for any person to understand what kind of rudraksha one should wear depending on their qualities. Another chapter on Nature and Astrology helps the readers understand the importance of nature in Hindu dharma.

In short, the book is packed with very important pieces of information that don’t only enrich one’s wisdom but also helps in understanding life better in the light of religion and astrological perspectives. If one knows how to please a deity to get rid of debts or to get rid of long-term disease, life becomes fairly pleasant! Tanuj Lalchandani has shared these valuable pieces of information in his book with his readers and readers must share these with others. Our religion has answers to all the problems of life and we just need to look within. Tatva, Soul & Karma does that for you – it makes you look within.

To conclude, this is a very important book that must find a place in every household. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon right now!

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Tatva, Soul & Karma
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A must-read and must-have book that unfolds the religious secrets to common readers… by reading this book, you will know about many things that can make your life easy, happy and satisfied.

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