An Unusual Honeymoon by Mamta Kashyap active reader book review

An Unusual Honeymoon by Mamta Kashyap – Review

Romantic fiction may never have been my forte, to be honest. I agreed to review the book by Mamta Kashyap because my friend presented this work to me with a very solid enthusiasm and a challenge that I would read it to the very last page. Well, I DID! I read An Unusual Honeymoon to the very last page and to be frank, I would say that my friend was right, to a very great extent in his overly visible enthusiasm about this novel. This is a romantic fiction with humour embedded on frequent intervals, mostly coming from the side of the protagonist, Mahashweta.

Mamta Kashyap’s fiction is based on two pillars – one is a breaking and another is getting built. It starts with Akshay breaking up with Mahashweta, Rahul breaking up with Aasmaan. It develops with Rahul and Mahashweta coming together, by choice of each other and with a vision to benefit each other with the goals they both envision, in their individual capacity. However, circumstances keep changing and the marriage that is based on mutual benefit begins turning into something else, with families on both sides involved (Rahul’s family with grand wealth and traditions being the dominant one).

The episodes involving Rahul and Mahashweta are amazingly crafted. A reader will be able to feel the Indian touch when family affairs are being depicted. Romance will be at the core of the frequent episodes between Rahul and Mahashweta – be it wearing a Saree or going on a professional tour. However, when Rahul’s past enters into the scene, things begin to change… to what extent it may change? Will the marriage between Rahul and Mahashweta, based on mutually-agreed benefits and promises, stay or finish as decided? Will both the characters get the share of true love they are destined to get?

This Romantic comedy has many colours of emotions to offer to the readers and I am sure that it will be appreciated for that. However, its singularity may affect the overall impact of the fiction, at times. It could have been a little more accommodating with a few more characters getting into the act more frequently and more emphatically. In the present form, it is best-suited to be called a light romantic comedy and that’s it. Mamta’s approach has been minimalistic with her language, theme and choice of episodes. She has tried to put her pet-protagonist, Mahashweta, in the best possible shape in the novel. Rahul has been portrayed as a passionate cook, a person who is wealthy enough to do any kind of business he would wish has been portrayed as someone who is ready to pursue his passion for cooking at any cost. Mahashweta is a powerful personality with ambitions and will to achieve her goals. It will be a delightful fiction, with somewhat expected ending, that will help the readers recharge and reboot on a Saturday or Sunday. You can get a copy of this novel from Amazon India in the format of your choice:


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An Unusual Honeymoon by Mamta Kashyap – Review
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A light comedy with serious feministic elements (if you care to discover) and a romantic storyline that will keep you entertained and also intrigued to know what happens next until you finish it and become satisfied to realise the conclusion… a very ideal weekend fiction!

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