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India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao: Book Review

I have written many reviews, but the book I am reviewing today has literally won my heart. A recently launched book India Positive Citizen: Building a Great Nation, one India positive action at a time, written by Savitha Rao, has many things which make it different from other contemporary novels, or even non-fiction books to be fair to the competitors. So, what is so special about this book? Any guesses? First, it is about our nation, its citizens, their responsibilities, and the overall betterment of the country. Second, It poses a serious question – What are we willing to do for our generation and the next? And third, it is written by an author who has willingly left her career to serve the nation and she founded India Positive Citizen to give her individual initiative a global shape. This book made me dumbstruck. It is not merely a book, but it is a cause! It is an idea. It is action!

Usually, a writer writes a book with an intention to get his name appeared in the list of best-selling authors and for he puts all the dramatic spices in the book to make it a best seller. On the other hand, a reader reads a book with the two primary motives – entertainment and escape. However, seldom there are writers and readers who read and write books to contribute, to bring a change in society. India Positive Citizen is one such attempt that to wake us (Indian Citizens) up from your slumber, reminds us of our role as a citizen of the country that probably we have forgotten or have completely ignored for whatsoever reasons. It stirs our soul and pushes us to come out of your comfort shell, take a ride to observe the world outside and empathize with the people around, the society in which we live, and the country you belong to. It fuses in us an urge to take some actions to make a better nation, to make a nation that our soldiers are proud to guard. Last, but certainly not the least, it helps you understand the power of ONE. Without ONE no movement could ever be started. It takes one person to change a situation, inspire a life, and transform a community and make the world a better place.

There is no doubt in this that stress of daily life, long commutes, enormous responsibilities of work as well as home have made us ignorant towards our neighbourhood, society, and environment. But, authors like Savitha Rao, by writing such books, are taking efforts to stimulate us to become active citizens.  The book brings in light inspiring efforts of people from various walks of life, through 52 short, kind, energetic, and empathetic stories, that have brought positive changes in the country’s overall betterment. And one sure thing that each of these stories has a force to burst the bubble of thoughts and bring you into action. It provokes and persuades you to do one or two things in a week, every week that can bring a change. Also, there are some stories in the book that compels us to recall some of the incidents in our past when we not progress due to scarcity of resources and lack of skills. Did we do anything about it at that time? If no, can we do anything now to make other people lives better? For instance, one of the stories in book names as ‘Skill an Indian’ tells us to help a fellow Indian enhance their skills and make a difference to their lives with skills or expertise you possess as a person or business.

Through this book, the author has awakened our civic sense. Written is simple and plain English, the book is for every reader, irrespective of age. However, at the same time, it is important on the readers’ front that they don’t just read it, they need to understand also. So readers, read this book mindfully, learn from it, get inspired, pledge to contribute to making our country clean, safe and beautiful. In short, a place to breathe fresh, live happy and long. And by the way, I did my bit by recommending this wonderful to you all.

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India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao: Book Review
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India Positive Citizen is a non-fiction book that provokes you to do things… do things for the betterment of society!

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