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There is a network for every possible need today. We have mobile networks, social networks, patient networks, doctor networks, investment networks and so on. So, the founding members of Self-publishing Network must have thought about a network for the authors who have already self-published or want to self-publish their works. And thus, the network came into online existence – an all-in-one solution centre for the authors and aspiring authors who want to know more about self-publishing in India and globally.

By registering on this network, you become a member with certain privileges. You can participate in the discussions, post your queries, answer other people’s questions and so on. Moreover, you can also opt for the quality services that these cool people offer via self-publishing network – cover designing, editing, publishing and many others. The network will also help you in getting cheap self-publishing deals and also finding the best self-publishing company in India for your publishing requirements.

The very motive of this network is simplifying the idea of self-publishing by making it clear enough for the first-time authors and those who have been betrayed by fake promises. Many publishing houses in India extort a heavy amount from the excited authors who are eager to get published for the first time. They are promised everything – paper coverage, news coverage, reviews, critical reviews and many other things but are left with a few copies of their self-published books and nothing else – just a bitter experience that almost deludes them into believing that self-publishing is a thing that never should be tried again.

However, Self-publishing Network makes it sure that your publishing experience becomes a learning curve. You learn the field of writing, you understand the industry of publishing and you learn how to use your budget wisely. Isn’t that too good? The goal of self-publishing network folks is to make sure that the authors who come through them get the cheapest publishing deals. They do the negotiations for you. The bring you the best services. They bring you the cheapest marketing and promotion deals. In short, the self-publishing network takes care of the needs of any author who wants to self-publish a book in India.

Just go the website – Self-publishing Network
Register yourself and learn the basics by following the threads and beginning the conversation. You can ask your questions about self-publishing to other members or the admins. Once you know the basics and decide about your self-publishing goals, you can use their services in getting the best self-publishing offers in India and see your manuscript being turned into a book that will bring you name and fame… are you ready for the journey?

by Sonu Mishra for Active Reader Book Blog

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