The Perfect Couple Review

The Perfect Couple by Sunain Banga – Book Review

Ananya and Raman are school sweethearts who grow up together, laugh together, cry together, celebrate together, fight together but all the way, remain together and understand that whatever is between them is pure, serene and lively – is that love? Well, they are still learning but they are certainly the perfect couple!

Sunain Banga’s latest novel, and his second overall, The Perfect Couple has recently been published by Notion Press. After his first novel, The First Crush at 13, Sunain has come up with almost a sequel to his earlier novel in terms of plot and theme. The readers who have read his first novel will certainly find that moving ahead in his second. It is a story of Ananya and Raman, two young people trying to explore life as per their talents and understanding but certainly making sure that they leave enough of space in their lives to let each other understand their relationship and various of its aspects.

Let me tell what I feel; after reading The Perfect Couple, I can certainly say that it will be read and liked the most by the youths and teenagers as well as a little grown-ups (in their early 20s) and maybe some of those old-age young chaps who love to read animated fiction – animated means a fiction that actually moves and progresses rather than being steadfast as classics (of a certain kind) remain.

“We sat facing the girls’ hostel. The moon shone abnormally bright today. It seemed huge too, huge enough for humans to start howling and transform into wolves.”

You see, it is meant for those who understand those werewolves movies and the folklore. Raman is a fast guy who wants to be a singer and a guitarist. Ananya, on the other hand, is a girl with dreams but she loves Raman. They too begin to feel love for each other when they are just teenagers to begin and they continue their journey (in the novel) until 2015 and 30th November, to be as precise as the novelist Sunain has been. He has played with dates, timestamps and location very wonderfully and I am sure it will keep the readers impressed and also aware.

To be looking into the novel’s worth critically, this is what a class of readers reads today. This is what teenagers and youths love to read. Sunain Banga, the novelist, has understood, perhaps, how to keep his audience base engaged with his themes and plots. The Perfect Couple can be the inspiration for teenagers to not ‘fall out’ of love if they ‘fall in’. The Perfect Couple can be a source of inspiration for the youths who want to achieve something for their special ones and prove their worth. The Perfect Couple can be anyone’s weekend read, anyone who wants to taste a bit of Indian romantic fiction in English! With romance, content and somewhat a purpose attached to it, Sunain has been able to produce something that will earn him a further level in the field of modern Indian fiction writing.

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The Perfect Couple - Review
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An ideal novel for youths and especially teenagers. I am sure they will appreciate what Sunain has written. It’s a story of the teenagers and will mostly suit the readers likewise.

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