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Maya, the blindfolded… by Prasad Bag – Book Review

The entire novel rests on two possible scenarios – either Maya is slipping into madness, slowly and eventually or she actually sees, feels and interacts with ghosts. Being a mystery thriller novel, the storyline will keep you engaged in things otherwise, your focus may come back again and again on these issues as Maya is the protagonist who has the responsibility of driving the plot to a fitting conclusion and that’s really fantastic. In this book review article, I will be discussing important aspects of the debut novel by Prasad Bag – Maya, the blindfolded: Her Mistake? She trusted him.

The novel opens up with a tense environment in the office where Maya works. She has to work on document encryption once more while Mrs. Pinto, her colleague and not-so-friendly, keeps bringing the lack of attention in Maya’s work to Kapoor, the owner and director of the company. At Maya’s home, her home maid, Suman, dies mysteriously. Her neighbour Suzy lures Maya into believing in the existence of Ghosts and gives us some books to keep her safe. Maya starts seeing the ghost of Bhagat who claims to be the owner of the land where Maya and her neighbour Suzy live.

On the other hand, there is a murder mystery that awaits Maya. Her colleague Mrs. Pinto is murdered in a mysterious scenario inside the office premises. Blame shifts on Maya as circumstances point a finger at her. Maya cannot do anything but sit helplessly. Her friends and her mother do come forward to console, help and encourage her to get into the depths of this mystery. And when Maya buckles up, she loses her memory! What will she do? Who will guide her? Will she be able to get her name cleared of this murder charge?

The novel offers very interesting progress. Readers will have too many things to track in the limited scenario that the plot offers. The storyline is tightly threaded and it furthers in a very straight line until twists appear. The conclusion is cinematic and it will be the most surprising part of the novel. Horror and thriller have blended together wonderfully to add layers to the depth of the storyline. Murder mystery might feel dragged at times as readers will find it hard to believe a few things. However, the novel still manages to keep a hold of the readers for long.

Technically and critically, the novel has a simple narrative, very simple language and a very persuasive plot. The storytelling might be excused for a few extra miles at times and a few short steps on another. However, Prasad Bag has managed to pull it off nicely, overall. You can enjoy the novel for its good parts. Maya’s struggle for truth resonates with general human struggle… and that keeps the readers indulged in the investigation that Maya and Sarah carry together. Doubts linger on Michael, Roy and Sam from time to time. Ultimately, will Maya be able to get to the end of the tunnel?

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Maya, the blindfolded... by Prasad Bag – Book Review
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Maya, the blindfolded… by Prasad Bag is a thriller novel that also offers a glimpse into horror and crime genres. If you like contemporary fiction, you may get to the end of this very easily.

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