The Obvious Truth by Chethana Book Review

The Obvious Truth that is Hidden by Chethana – Book Review

The title of the book tells many stories. Before you get yourself in a mess of thoughts and start speculating, let me break it out that the book is a non-fiction genre attempt at uncluttering the web of thoughts and complex ideas we often encounter as soon as we try to enter into a spiritually active phase. Is it a self-help book? You can say that. Is it a religious book? You can say that too. Is it a book that actually helps one out? That is something it surely does. However, what are the elements in the book that make me say so? How do I rate it? Who should read this book? I will tell you everything in this book review for Active Reader Book Blog. Read on.

The Obvious Truth that is Hidden by Chethana is a book that serves more as an aid to help you out with the beginners’ conundrums once you find yourself ready to walk down the lane of spirituality and religious pursuits. The book has many detailed pieces of information on the importance of Mantras, their power, the ways to chant and also how to do your spiritual exercises without Mantras. The book also analyses many Hindu traditions, tell many tales from Hindu scriptures and also weighs in messages told in many different religions.

Chethana, the writer, has also shared many stories from her life. Even while being personal, the author has managed to keep things public, open and relatable. We can all relate to those topics, issues, concerns and situations that are being discussed by the author in her debut book. Hardships, confusions, problems, bad days, relationship issues, psychological issues, mental issues, monetary problems and virtually any problem that affects us also opens up an opportunity to look upon ourselves and correct the course of life. The author’s style might be a little different from the things you may have seen in the books on such topics, but the content and the message do work. A reader will find many things to be surprised and more to learn something new (from the experiences of the author).

The book has random chapters. It has random lessons. It has many things that the author thought to be apt for such a book. While a reader might not agree with everything that’s there in the book, there are things that are universal in nature. For instance, anyone who wishes to understand the world from a metaphysical viewpoint does have many questions to ask at the beginning of the exploration. Many such questions with answers are in the book. The author has also been very active in sharing further sources of information, reference books and other literature wherever she could do so.

At last, I would certainly recommend this book. However, I would also like to send a message to the author. Please bring content in an orderly manner so that readers will find stability in the process. The book has many powerful messages to stick with the readers for life. Do read it once and it won’t take much time. All the best!

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Review by Abhinandan for Active Reader Book Blog

The Obvious Truth that is Hidden by Chethana – Book Review
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The Obvious Truth that is Hidden by Chethana is a self-help title aimed to be read by those who wish to kick off their journey on the spiritual path.

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