Why do we celebrate Holi Anitha Rathod Review

Why do we celebrate Holi: Holi Festival by Anitha Rathod – Book Review

Book: Why do we celebrate Holi: Holi Festival
Author: Anitha Rathod
Pages: about 30
Published by: Self-published
Rating: 5/5 stars
Reviewed by: Surabhi for Active Reader

Anitha Rathod’s, the famous children writer from India, latest book for kids has a message, has the connectivity to keep the readers indulged and also have wonderfully designed graphics that convey the exact ideas – her book Why do we celebrate Holi: Holi Festival has been launched recently and it has been very popular among the kids as well as the parents who want to make their kids aware of the reasons behind Holi festival as well as the rituals associated with it. In one line, I can say that the book has a purpose as well as the necessary means to serve that purpose.

As a blogger for Active Reader, I have been said to bring something new and I did not understand how this new would come. So, I decided to search for new but quality books and that brought me this – a book on Holi. I decided to read this book for kids because I wanted to see if this is the usual children’s book or something better. With beautiful graphics, easy-to-read story and facts that would be essential for the kids to learn, this is a wonderful book. With Holi near the door, I am sure this will be a favourite!

What’s essential for a children’s book? An author has to make the kids learn about the subject; at the same, an author has to keep the kids entertained and connected so that they learn about their subject. Anitha Rathod has done both of these things effectively. Her readers will learn about Holi and that learning comes through the communicative graphics as well as simplified language. She has written many books for children in the past as well and writing like this will certainly make her a favourite children author in India in the near future.

I will recommend this book to the kids above 4 who can read simple English. It will help them learn. It will help them understand. It will also help them encourage their interest in literature. The book can be bought from Amazon in a hardcover format. Here’s the link:

Buy Anitha’s book on Holi – Click here

Why do we celebrate Holi: Holi Festival
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An enjoyable children’s book… ideal for kids above 5.

On Why do we celebrate Holi: Holi Festival by Anitha Rathod – Book Review

  • Fantastic! It seems the book comes with adequate elements for a child… Thanks for letting know about it. It’s better than fairy tales.

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