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The One Invisible Code by Sharat Sharma – Book Review

Right to the book I am about to review, Sharat Sharma’s bestselling title, The One Invisible Code is a book that is not only motivational in terms of the genre as we all know very well. The book comes loaded with many things that are not very popular or usually found in the books of this nature. The One Invisible Code is a testimony of the perfection of harmony between thoughts and emotions, passion and realisation, the author and the readers. And that’s why the book stands out as a book that can motivate the readers to act as well as the book that makes the readers aware of the reasons they need to act… not only this, the book also tells the readers why do they need to act in a certain way to feel whatever void they might find in between their realisation and their goals.

That’s exactly why developing competence to win is the key to your success. It is one thing to aspire and another thing to act, but it is a whole different thing to have the competence to win.

I find this extract from Sharat Sharma’s book, chapter 9. This is an extract from the conversation that Joy is having with his master. While Joy exclaims that he might be killed in a battlefield in which he goes only with a commitment to winning but not the competence… and that’s the master tells the secret – competence is essential. And many authors might have skipped by saying that self-confidence can win battles. No, it can only inspire – it’s your strength that wins the battles.

There are 10 chapters in the bestselling self-help book by Sharat and all of them are very practical in terms of approach and content. Sharat Sharma tries to tell the readers what it takes to become successful and what it takes to win over the problems that we face every day – while making a decision related to career, while making a decision related to professional, deciding about moving in and out of a place and so on… Sharat’s focus is on making the readers aware of their competence, strength and weaknesses comprised, resolve, willingness, and then using this awareness to choose the best playing field they might be interested in. After that, the author focuses on bringing into play a plan that might work the best way to help the reader reach his or her goals in life.

The entire book is written in a very simple language and it does not require too much from the readers to understand and comprehend the ideas Sharat has shared. The book also uses various tools of the exhibition along with the written content – tables, charts, designs, pictures and the best ways to highlight the most important past of the content. For a reader, all these things count!

Sharat is a motivational speaker and a life coach. And that’s why we see his qualities on his dice is reflected in this book very well. He makes the readers understand the importance of anything that matters in a very convincing and assured manner. Readers will decide for themselves once they read this book and compare their experiences with their previous reads. I am sure the results will be very interesting. For example, when telling the readers about the 3 Cs, the author has narrated a very interesting story of Kiran Bedi. It makes all the aspects of learning the importance of courage very smooth and readers go to that side of the line in a convenient and resulting manner. This is what the author has done in the book, throughout… he has made the process of realisation very smooth!

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The One Invisible Code by Sharat Sharma – Book Review
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I rate it 5/5 because the book offers a very practical and unique content in a way that impacts the readers’ psyche and inspires them to act in a coordinated manner to achieve the goals they set for themselves… impressive and a must-read title for all those who find themselves stuck somewhere or sitting on important decisions in life!

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