Demythsifying Myths by Amit Bagaria review

Demythsifying Myths: Demystifying 18 Myths about India by Amit Bagaria

Background of the Book:
A distance from ‘truth’ can mislead you to a room of darkness that is often full of ignorance and, obviously, lies. Sometimes, the attempt is made deliberately because of our ideological or otherwise affiliations and sometimes it happens because we just want to roll with the status quo. The same is the condition with India’s history where much misinformation has been created to mislead the masses form the truth. However, there are certain things that make me sad. The list of authors who try to fabricate and falsify the truth is long compared to the writers who try to unmask these lies and bring the truth to the light. Amit Bagaria is one of those names who is constantly writing about the political and historical issues and coming up with some interesting facts which readers are loving. He has made his mark in a very short span of time. Today, I will talk about his title Demythsifying Myths: Demystifying 18 Myths about India. 

Basic Introduction to the book:
Amit, through this book, tries to go into the details of Indian history and comes out with some interesting facts that may be hard to believe but after a little bit of research, you will surely believe it. The author has packed this book with many lines of a bitter snake bite that will suck the blood of fabricated lies out of the body of India’s historical writings. And this is one of the qualities that make this book by Amit Bagaria not only a bestseller but also a book admired by many of the leading 
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The book starts with the chapter ‘India 5000?’ and ends at ‘President or PM’ and in-between, it covers many interesting topics. The moot point of all these chapters is to go into the details of everything with proper research and present the true picture of those events before the readers. There are many interesting chapters in the book that you may like Gandhi a Mahatma? Chacha Nehru, Ye Kashmir hai, midnight murder and Coalgate toothpaste. These are some interesting chapters that every reader will like to read because they are concerned with some high profile personalities of India – Nehru, Gandhi, Indira, Sonia and many more.

Ups and Downs Compared:
However, there are no strong references presented by the author that may be a surprise for the readers. However, as most of the facts discussed in this book are already in the public domain, in the miniature form, the book won’t be a bigger morsel to swallow. The book is a tight slap to those who think what I will tell will become the history. Now, those days are gone when the one-man show was running over the country as a mania. People are coming up with different narratives and readers are beliving those because it holds the ground.

Bagaria has revealed many things in his book and the book gradually unmasks everything in detail. How Iron lady of India has a secret life, how Gandhi becomes Mahatama, how Nerhu becomes Chacha and many like these – all your curiosity will end here. This is an ultimate guide to understand the truth of Indian history and especially of India after 1900. How some historian tries to install only two personalities, Gandhi and Nehru, as the true patriots and then make us all believe that they single-handedly won the freedom for us. This book will surely try to change your fixed mindset and will compel you to think in different directions.


In my honest opinion, I did not even miss a single page while reading this book. This one is written in a very simple language and despite being a non-fcition, it will keep you engaged till the last. Chapter by chapter, you will encounter the truth and that will surely change your way of thinking. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon India and know more about it by reading the expert critical opinion by reading the link given below: 

Demythsifying Myths by Amit Bagaria

Demythsifying Myths: Demystifying 18 Myths about India

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Narrative & Language


Analysis, Opinions & Arguments


Interest Quotient



  • Very interesting content
  • Almost viral facts
  • Simple language and easy to understand


  • List of references should be at the end of each chapter
  • Facts should have a wider circumference

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