Gautam Rajrishi – The soldier with a pen & shayar with a gun!

Gautam Rajrishi army soldier shayar poet

There have been many wonders in the history that we often remember to realise how wonderful the world has been over the centuries, coming to this age of chaos and uncertainty. Out of many countries in the world, India has certainly been a nation with an eye for the surprises and ears too… with a big heart! Getting to know artists, poets, authors, dancers and so many people from so many walks of life is not a big thing here.

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5 Reasons You Should Read Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral

5 Reasons you should read Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral

Haven’t read the book Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral yet? This article will tell you why you should read the book at the earliest before Ravi comes up with the next part of this title – on a broader canvas and with major issues. Ravi Dabral’s work comes up with a major theme – life with this vs life with that concept that can easily fit into any discourse. Ravi has delivered the narrative in an

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Literature is engaging as well as enlightening – Ravi Dabral

Ravi Dabral bestselling novelist India

In an interview, Ravi Dabral, the author of Greed Lust Addiction, the bestselling debut novel by him, said that he believes in writing fiction that can help his readers on many fronts. The first is by developing a reading habit and the second is that his writings are aimed at inspiring the readers to lead a ‘virtuous and stress-free life.’ Can an author make this happen? The answer is very much yes if the author truly aims at

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The Morning – poem by Phidalia Toi – Review

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We have already reviewed books in the series Marathon Race to Acche Din written by Phidalia Toi. Today, I will be throwing some light on the poem by Phidalia Toi which was appended in her second book in the series, The Morning. As you must have seen in the reviews earlier, Phidalia tries to sum her ideas up in one poem – to wind things up. Let’s have a look at her poem below.

The Morning

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